Agriculture (AGR)


Course Information Cr Hrs
AGR-100 Introduction to Agriculture

This course entails a survey of technological progress of agriculture and the industry it encompasses, including its socioeconomic impact on the United States and in a global environment.

AGR-112 Woody Ornamental Identification

This course will expose students to the identification of commonly used woody landscape plants and allow students to learn the uses and growth requirements of these plants in landscape settings.  Labs will be devoted primarily to the identification of the plants, while lectures will cover both identification and landscape use and requirements.

AGR-113 Pest Management

This course covers all types of ornamental and turf pests, common diseases, identification, symptoms, life cycle and control.  Other topics will include safety, application and laws.  Upon sucessful completion of this course,  the student will be ready to take the Missouri test for private pesticide application and category 3 application.

AGR-114 Environmental Stewardship

This course examines how the turf and landscape industry impacts the earth's resources; the influences that we have on the natural world both locally and globally;  how decisions are made regarding the management of these resources, and what factors influence these decisions.  The latest innovations in resource management will be presented with the focus being on environmental sustainability.

AGR-145 Landcare Equipment Maintenance

This course is a basic introduction to equipment maintenance, light mechanical work, engine repair, hydraulics, troubleshooting, electrical systems, oil systems, drive systems, fuel systems, lubrication, and maintenance scheduling.  Laboratory instruction will provide students an opportunity to safely operate common landscaping equipment.

AGR-160 Animal Science

This course provides an introduction to farm animal industries, breeds, numbers, distribution, nutrition, heredity, reproduction, health and products.

AGR-180 Plant and Soil Science

This course focuses on plant growth and development for all types of plants through classroom and laboratory instruction.  Relationships between soils and plants, introduction to soils, nutrient availability, water holding ability, vegetative resource management, proper application of plant foods, and interpretation of soil test analysis results will be included.

AGR-185 Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance in the Landscape

This course will include the basics of irrigation design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting as it pertains to the landscaping industry.  Water saving technologies and sprinkler scheduling will also be included through classroom and laboratory instruction.  Basic math skills are strongly recommended for successful completion of this course.

AGR-190 Turfgrass Management

This course focuses on the construction, renovation, and maintenance of turf areas.  Identification, growth requirements, use of commonly used turf grasses, irrigation and weed control will be included.  Stand establishment with seeding, sod, sprigs, and plugging will be presented.

AGR-212 Greenhouse Horticulture

This course deals with all areas of greenhouse operations.  Specific areas will include herbaceous plant identification, growing structures, layout, environment, plant growth and development, growth regulation, identification, propagation, growing medium, containers, cultural care, and plant nutrition.

AGR-214 Landscape Design

This lecture/lab course will include the basic principles of landscape design, plan reading, plant installation methods, layout considerations, special features, and time estimating through a combination of lecture and laboratory instruction.  Aftercare and maintenance of interior and exterior landscapes will also be included.

AGR-215 Landscape Construction and Maintenance

This is an applied course of the basics of woody ornamental plant installation into the landscape, including timing, methods used, and aftercare.  Also included will be the basic plan reading, calculation, cut and fill, cost/time estimating, and the use of landscape materials.

AGR-218 Computer Designs in Landscaping

This course focuses on using a personal computer to complete an electronic landscape design.  Digital imaging will be utilized to increase marketability of a completed design.  Emphasis is placed on practical application of software to develop effective drawings for the green industry.

 Prerequisites: AGR 214 Landscape Design and AGR 185 Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance in the Landscape (or concurrent enrollment).
AGR-220 Turf and Landscape Business Management

This is a basic course in the management and operations of an agricultural business.  Included will be net worth, profit/loss, employee relations, credit, business management and liability.  Current technologies for managing and marketing a Turf and Landscape business will be introduced.

AGR-225 Urban Forestry

This course will provide students with an introduction to arboriculture and provide a basis for planning and managing of forest areas in urban settings.  Students will learn the social and economic value placed on trees in an urban setting, and how human activities may impact the urban forest.

AGR-235 Soils

This course provides an introduction to the physical, chemical and biological activities within the soil including soil genesis, morphology, development, land description, nutrient availability, water holding ability, vegetative resource management, plant growth and recreational use, fertilizer application, and soil test analysis.

AGR-280 Turf and Landscape Management Capstone

This course involves a comprehensive assessment of the entire turf and landscape management option.  Students will apply critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving skills to a landscape project.  The student must score a "C" or higher to complete the degree option.

 Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 36 credit hours in the Turf and Landscape Mangement option.
AGR-290 Co-operative Education/Internship

This course encompasses a supervised work experience in a major field which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained.  An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished in coursework.  Seminars may also be required. 

 Prerequisites: Completion of 30 credit hours and 2.0 GPA, or advisor's approval. Please see the department chair of the specific program area for application.