Reading (RDG)


Course Information Cr Hrs
Intro to College Reading

Students will be actively engaged with a reading specialist in an individualized program that will build vocabulary, increase comprehension, improve study habits, and develop critical reading strategies and critical thinking skills. Reading will become more efficient and enjoyable. Progress will be measured through pre and post assessments, completion of coursework, and by reading specialist observation.

RDG-100 College Vocabulary

This course is designed for students who want to expand their college level vocabulary skills through the study of word origins and word parts including prefixes, roots, suffixes and word families. Students will be introduced to vocabulary essential to understanding basic concepts required in general education courses. Students will be assisted in expanding their word comprehension. This course is self-paced. An instructor in the Speckman Tutoring & Learning Center will assist students in their course of study on a flexible schedule. Enrollment in this course is open until midterm.


RDG-106 Technical Reading

Students will work on comprehending and applying critical reading and thinking to occupational and workplace literature. Topics will include reading workplace materials including manuals, memos, letters, reports, proposals and graphs, charts and tables. Textbook reading, test taking and vocabulary strategies for technical coursework will also be taught.