Health Sciences (HSC)

Health Sciences

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HSC-100 Service Learning in Healthcare

Students will broaden their educational experiences by being actively involved in the following student organization: SkillsUSA. In addition to meeting once a week as a class, students will also be required to attend the regularly scheduled meetings of their student organization.

 Prerequisites: Admission into the first year Health Sciences program and high school GPA 2.0 or above.
HSC-110 Introduction to Health ProfessionsThis course provides an exploration of various health professions. This course will cover strategies for success in a health profession including career planning, self-assessment and prerequisites for admission to health care career programs. Cultural diversity, patient confidentiality, medical ethics, legal issues and professionalism will be discussed.

HSC-120 Medical Terminology

This course provides an introduction to the basic word structure in medical terminology with an emphasis on the word roots, prefixes and suffixes. A body systems approach forms the basis for class discussion.  Spelling, pronunciation, definitions, medical abbreviations, pharmacology, laboratory and diagnostic values are highlighted. Hands-on learning activities are provided to reinforce lecture and emphasize applications of medical terminology in the health record.

HSC-190 Co-Operative Ed/Internship

This course encompasses a supervised work experience in the major field, which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained through coursework. An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished. Seminars may also be required. Please see the Department Chair of specific program area for application.

 Prerequisites: Admission into the second year Health Sciences program and high school GPA 2.5 or above, or advisorís approval.
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