Engineering (EGR)


Course Information Cr Hrs
EGR-100 Study and Careers in Engineering

This course provides an examination of fi elds of engineering and career opportunities in engineering. The profession expectations for engineers will be studied. Students will be introduced to the campus resources for assisting student success.

EGR-201 Engineering Statics

In this engineering statics course, students gain practical experience in techniques for analyzing in detail the forces and moments that act on structures in equilibrium.

 Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in PHY 220, MTH 240 or concurrent enrollment.
EGR-204 Statics and Dynamics

An engineering statics and dynamics course for electrical engineering majors.  This course focuses primarily on the two dimensional analysis of statics and dynamics, including equilibrium, trusses, frames, particle motion, conservation of energy and momentum, and rigid body dynamics.

 Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in PHY 220 and MTH 240.
EGR-250 Engineering Design with Computer Applications

This course provides an introduction to software tools (computer aided design drafting, computer mathematics, word processing, spread sheets) with application to professional engineering practice. Principles of engineering design are studied. A semester long group design project is an integral part of the course.

 Prerequisites: CIS 101; PHY 220 or PHY 222 or concurrent enrollment.