Culinary Arts (CUL)

Culinary Arts

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CUL-100 Culinary Fundamentals

This course will provide the students with the knowledge of various safety and sanitation practices in the foodservice and hospitality industries. This course will also teach students basic skills in the kitchen as well as introducing them to the basics of cooking, baking and nutrition. This course will also offer the students a brief look at everything that goes into owning and operating a foodservice facility.

CUL-101 Introduction to Food Preparation and Theory

This course introduces students to the basic techniques of food preparation using a variety of cooking methods and products. Students learn the history and value of food in society and how it impacts food preparation today. The course includes recipe conversions, measuring techniques and operation of commercial food service equipment.

 Prerequisite: HSM 115 or concurrent enrollment.
CUL-102 Meat, Seafood, and Poultry Identification and Fabrication

This course builds on basic food preparation knowledge and skills by focusing on presentation and consumption of center-of-the-plate items and products. In addition, this course further broadens knowledge of culinary arts within the commercial kitchen.

 Prerequisites: CUL 101, HSM 115.
CUL-103 Garde Manger

In its most basic definition a Garde Manager Chef is considered the "keeper of the food" or pantry supervisor, referring to the task of preparing and presenting cold foods. Students in this course will develop skills in producing a variety of cold food products including salads, hors d’œuvres, cold soups, aspics, and charcuterie as well as creating decorative elements of buffet presentation like table arrangements and edible centerpieces made from materials such as ice, cheese, butter, salt dough or tallow. This course emphasizes attention to detail starting with the initial quality of the food product to the final plate presentation for both classical and modern cuisine.

 Prerequisites: CUL 101, HSM 115.
CUL-121 Introduction to Baking and Pastry

This course is an introduction of the student to the ingredients, procedures and processes of basic baking. Course includes concepts in formulas and the chemical reactions of basic doughs, cakes and batters.

CUL-130 European Pastries and Classical Desserts

This course is designed to build on and enhance the skills and information obtained in CUL 121 (Introduction to Baking). This class focuses on preparation techniques of classical and contemporary plated desserts, frozen desserts and custards. This course introduces students to sugar and chocolate decorating techniques, including stenciling and piping, marzipan and pastillage.

 Prerequisites: CUL 121, HSM 115.
CUL-150 Quick Breads and Yeast Breads

This course is the study and practice of the culinary art of quick bread and yeast bread techniques, including biscuit, scones, muffins, miscellaneous quick breads, as well as basic yeast bread, artisan bread and sourdough bread production.

 Prerequisites: CUL 121, HSM 115.
CUL-160 Cakes and Cake Decorating

This course will include the study and practice of the culinary art of cake production and decorating techniques, including mixing, cake formula balance, scaling, panning, baking, altitude adjustments, formulas, icings, assembling and icing simple cakes, basic decorating techniques, planning and assembling specialty cakes and procedures for popular cakes.

 Prerequisites: CUL 121, HSM 115.
CUL-170 Chocolate, Sugar, and Confections

This course introduces students to the art of working with chocolate and sugar. Topics include tempering, cutting shapes, transfer sheets, display pieces, candies and sugar doughs. Students will be exposed to the idea of sugar as an art with techniques in poured, pulled and spun sugar.

 Prerequisite: CUL 121, HSM 115.
CUL-180 Plated Dessert Presentation

This class focuses on the elements of modern dessert composition.  It stresses a complete understanding and creation of all components of plated dessert production, using the basic patisserie principles.  This class will help prepare students by giving them the basic skills needed to compose and present desserts in a restaurant, club, hotel or resort setting. Students will gain knowledge of techniques and equipment needed to produce desserts, sauces and garnishes and to use these components to create finished plated desserts that are both delicious and visually striking.

 Grade of "C" or better in CUL121 and HSM 115
CUL-201 Contemporary Cuisine and Plate Presentation

This course provides the advanced culinary arts student instruction and practice in the actual back of the house operation of a working restaurant. Students will utilize accepted classical and contemporary techniques, prepare food to proper safety and sanitation standards, research and design menus and determine purchasing needs for menu production.

 Prerequisites: CUL 101, CUL 102, CUL 103, CUL 121, HSM 115, HSM 125.
CUL-203 World Cuisine

This course provides advanced training in preparation of selected ethnic and foreign cuisines. Students will study the relationship and influence of foreign cuisine on today’s more popular ingredients and dishes.

 Prerequisites: CUL 102, CUL 103.
CUL-290 Co-Operative Ed/Intern/Related Elective

This course entails a supervised work experience in the major field, which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained. An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished. Seminars may also be required. Please see the Chair of the specifi c program area for application.

 Prerequisites: Completion of 30 credit hours and 2.0 GPA and approval of department chair.
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