Criminology (CRM)


Course Information Cr Hrs
CRM-210 Introduction to Criminal Justice

This is an introductory course in the philosophical and historical background of the American criminal justice system and its primary components: law enforcement, courts and corrections. Students will examine the organization, purpose and functions of law enforcement and other agencies involved in the administration of criminal justice.

CRM-220 Criminal Procedure

This is an introductory course in criminal procedure which provides a basic understanding of the rules under which criminal justice professionals must operate when dealing with citizens in the criminal justice field. The Bill of Rights and its application to the accused and convicted will be explored thoroughly through the study of case law and federal regulations. This course is designed for students planning to pursue careers in all areas of criminal justice.

CRM-230 Introduction to Criminology

This course provides an overview of criminological theories in order to classify and analyze different crime trends and patterns. Topics include the nature of criminology, criminological methods, crime causation, and
the characteristics of types of crimes and offenders.

CRM-250 Policing in America

This course focuses on the structure, role, and function of policing within the community and the American Society. Types of policing and police-community relations will be explored. Students will focus on developing communication skills, working with special populations, conflict management, utilizing technology and the importance of professionalism as a criminal justice practitioner.

CRM-260 Criminal Law and the Courts

This course examines the nature and development of criminal law along with the principles, processes, and structures found in adult criminal courts. Courtroom participants and their roles as well as contemporary criminological issues involving the courts are also examined.

CRM-270 Institutional and Community Based Corrections

This course presents an overview of justice and corrections. The course will explore the rationale and effectiveness of punishment, deterrence, restorative justice and corrections as well as the history and evolution of incarceration and community-based sanctions in America.