Computer Information Science (CIS)

Computer Information Science

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CIS-100 Basic Computer Literacy

This is a hands-on course designed for the beginner or new user who wants to learn the essentials of how to use a personal computer. Course topics include: an introduction to computer hardware, keyboarding, purchasing and maintaining a computer, computer security and the Internet, online learning environments, file management, search engines, and e-mail. You will also be introduced to word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

CIS-101 Personal Computer Applications

This is a "hands-on" class learning to use the most common microcomputer software programs and information resource facilities. This course provides a look at the structure and components of microcomputers, their operating systems and an introduction to various applications with emphasis on word processing, database management, spreadsheet applications, presentation software and Internet usage.

 Prerequisite: Keyboarding skill of 25 WPM or BUS 101 recommended.
CIS-105 Spreadsheet Applications

This course provides a "hands-on" use of electronic spreadsheets. Students will design, test and debug spreadsheet applications. Spreadsheet formulas, functions and formatting will be utilized. Students will enter, modify, sort and extract data, print graphs and develop macros.

 Prerequisite: CIS 101.
CIS-112 Database Applications

This course provides "hands-on" use of database application software with the design and implementation of database files. Students will design and implement database files. Students will create tables, enter and modify data and create forms, queries and reports for multiple table relational database files.

 Prerequisite: CIS 101.
CIS-115 Principles of E-Business

This is an introduction to the key business and technology elements of Electronic Commerce. The course will introduce students to the theory and practice of conducting business over the Internet. The material is designed to be useful for the student planning to study the development of Internet applications and the student planning to go into general business where knowledge of Electronic Commerce is becoming mandatory for success.

 Prerequisite: CIS 101 or concurrent enrollment.
CIS-120 Problem Solving and Programming Concepts

This course is an introduction to the field of information technology with an emphasis in problem solving, structured program design and beginning programming techniques for those seeking a career in this industry. An overview of computer concepts, ethics and responsibilities and career options are also provided

 Prerequisites: Grade of "NB" or better in MTH 050 or higher, and keyboarding skill of 25 wpm recommended.
CIS-125 Introduction to Computer Game Development

This course provides an introduction to computer game development for those seeking a career in this industry. Technologies commonly employed in developing interactive software will be examined, including software, hardware and middleware such as class libraries and engines. Game design modes and genres will be explored, as well as other applications and markets for this medium. Issues surrounding the computer game business will be explored, including personnel, philosophical and production issues, ethical concerns and influences of games and other interactive media on society.

CIS-130 Web Site Development I

This course entails development of web sites using modern technologies. Students will learn to develop web sites using the latest HTML standards including elements such as, links, tables, forms, style sheets and graphics. Students will also learn to employ cascading style sheets (CSS) and to separate content from presentation.

 Prerequisite: CIS 115 or concurrent enrollment.
CIS-131 Web Site Development II

This course covers the advanced features of Web Design, which enhance the functionality of Web pages. Subjects explored include advanced HTML, interactivity of Web pages using forms, Java, AJAX, JavaScript, designing Web pages using Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS). students will build and maintain an online database with a scripting language.

 Prerequisites: CIS 120 and CIS 130.
CIS-139 Introduction to Web Server Management

This course covers the topics of managing a web sever and gives students the skills needed to administer their own server. Subjects explored will be security, speed, configuration, management and scalability for growth. Students will get hands-on experience in different server environments and will be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques that can assist with adminstration.

 Prerequisite: CIS 120.
CIS-140 C++ Programming I

This course is an introduction to scientific and engineering computer programming using C++. Topics included are control structures, data types, functions, classes, pointers and software development tools.

 "C" or better in MTH 130 or CIS-120
CIS-150 C# Programming I

This course is an introduction to structured, event-driven and object-oriented programming using the C# language. Students will learn to design programs that solve common business problems using good programming style appropriate in a team environment. Students will also learn to use a variety of visual components to create effective user interfaces targeting the Windows operating system.

 Prerequisite: CIS 120.
CIS-151 C# Programming II

This course is a continuation of CIS 150 (C# Programming I). After a quick review, the student is introduced to advanced programming concepts such as data abstraction, classes, maintaining relational data, the use of additional visual components and other techniques commonly employed in advanced, commercial, multi-tiered applications. Other topics such as programming for the Internet, targeting handheld devices, and using graphics to enhance an application's visual appeal may also be explored.

 Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in CIS 150.
CIS-170 Java Programming I

This course is an introduction to object oriented programming using Java. Topics covered are: control structures, classes, objects, encapsulation, polymorphism, run-time type identification, messages, methods, applets and arrays.

 Prerequisites: CIS 120, Keyboarding skills of 20 WPM.
CIS-171 Java Programming II

This course is a continuation of CIS 170 (Java Programming I). After a review, the student is introduced to intermediate programming concepts essential for students seeking a career in software development. Topics include: graphical user interface (GUI) components, lists, queues, trees, other data structures and the Collections API.

 Prerequisites: CIS 170.
CIS-210 Data Structures

This course will instruct students in the design and use of common data structures, lists, stacks, queues, trees, tables, hash tables and graphs. Common data structures algorithms will be explored, including sorting, searching and reorganizing data, with attention paid toward trade-offs between space and efficiency. Students will implement many of these data structures in an objecct oriented programming language and complete programming projects utilizing them.

 Prerequisites: Grade of "C" or better in CIS 150 or CIS 170.
CIS-220 Game Development

This course will provide students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of advanced skills, including mathematics, algorithms, object-oriented programming, software design patterns and graphics as students develop features common to modern computer games. Various technologies and platforms will be explored, giving students exposure to what it takes to develop computer games.

 Prerequisites: CIS 125, CIS 150 or CIS 170.
CIS-222 Robotics Programming

This course emphasizes advanced programming concepts and techniques used in developing programs used to control robots and robotic systems. Advanced .Net topics will be covered, as well as the APIs needed to work with the robotic systems. Other topics include artificial intelligence, motion planning, and sensors.

 Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in CIS 140 or CIS 150 or CIS 170.
CIS-230 Systems Analysis and Design

In this course, students will use systems design and database to provide enterprise-wide business, organizational and managerial solutions.

 Prerequisite: "C" or better in CIS 140 or CIS 150 or CIS 170.
CIS 235 Web Development III

This course provides the concepts and skills necessary to design and develop Web-based enterprise-level applications and focuses on existing and emerging Web development technologies.  Topics include specialized Web markup languages, server-side backend databases, server-side programming, web services, enterprise Web development and Web applications.

 Prerequisites: Grade of "C" or better in CIS 150
CIS-239 PHP ProgrammingUpon successful completion of this course, students will have hands-on experience with PHP syntax and constructs and know how to integrate HTML and PHP code to manage and process data. This course is recommended for Web developers, designers, and programmers who want to learn PHP fundamentals and create interactive and dynamic Web pages.

 Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in CIS 130.
CIS-250 Database and Query

This is an introductory course that provides database theory with an emphasis on relational database management. Hands-on Structured Query Language (SQL) database programming is included. The course also covers design, normalization, implementation and query of a relational database and uses an enterprise level database managment system.

 Prerequisites: Grade of "C" or better in CIS 140 or CIS 150 or CIS 170.
CIS-260 Software Engineering Project

This course is intended to develop the student's programming knowledge and skills in an applied environment. Students will work as individuals and in teams to implement a real-world equivalent system, perhaps converting legacy code to current technology standards or designing a new product from scratch. Students will develop designs, generate test procedures and build a multi-tiered, client-server application capable of being utilized from a variety of platforms. Students will also learn project management and scheduling skills and that will be used to manage project phases and keep teams on task. Students must earn a grade of C or better in this course to meet graduation requirements.

 Prerequisites: CIS 250 and one of the following: CIS 151 or CIS 171.
CIS-290 Co-Operative Ed/Intern/Related Elective

This course provides supervised work experience in the major field, which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained. An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished. Seminars may also be required. Please see the department chair of specific program area for application.

 Prerequisites: Completion of 30 credit hours and 2.0 GPA, or advisor's approval.
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