Welcome to FOCUS 2


FOCUS 2 is a web-based, computerized career and educational planning system that guides students through a process enabling them to do the following: assess interests, skills, personality, values, and leisure activities; get the facts about occupational options that are aligned with results of the student's assessment results; look at educational paths and training programs compatible with their personal attributes; identify career development needs.

Who should take FOCUS 2?

  • Are you unsure of what careers best suit you?
  • Are you having trouble choosing a major?
  • Do you know the OTC majors that lead to particular careers and/or advanced educational programs?

FOCUS 2 will help you select the right major and make a career plan!

How much time does it take?

  • FOCUS 2 takes about 45 minutes to complete, although you can spend additional time researching different occupational choices and viewing over 300 career videos!

How can I get started?

NEW USERS: Please click here and then enter the password "eagles" as the ACCESS CODE for FOCUS 2. You may also wish to contact one of OTC's Career Employment Services staff members at 417-447-6964 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

RETURNING USERS: Log in here to access the account you have already created.

What's next?

If you would like to meet with a career counselor in the Career Employment Services department once you have completed your FOCUS 2 assessment, please contact us for an appointment!  Your career counselor can assist you to more thoroughly interpret the information you have learned about yourself, including identifying potential majors, careers, and career researching suggestions.  If you would like to set up an appointment to review your results, please call us at 417-447-6964.