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Breaking Traditions - Missouri Center for Career Education

The Breaking Traditions program is operated under the umbrella of the Missouri Center for Career Education (MCCE) and is overseen by a regional Career Education Coordinator (CEC).  The Breaking Traditions program focuses on students who are considering or pursuing careers that are non-traditional for their gender, and provides information and expertise in the areas of career awareness, exploration, and planning.  Breaking Traditions offers several support services for both secondary and post-secondary students, including specialized workshops and financial assistance to students who are enrolled in one of OTC's career/technical programs.  This program also provides financial assistance for students who are displaced homemakers and/or single parents.

Who Benefits:

Services are provided to students who are enrolled in one of OTC's Certificate or Applied Science Degree programs and choosing non-traditional career paths or displaced homemakers/single parents.

  • Non-traditional:  Individuals enrolled in an OTC educational program that leads to employment in a job traditionally held by members of the opposite gender.  A career path/occupation in which the opposite gender comprises 25% or less of the total workforce in that path.
  • Displaced Homemaker:  Adults whose principle job has been homemaking, and has NOT been employed on a full time basis (40 hours per week) for at least three years, and meets one of the following requirements:  This individual has lost his/her main source of income due to: 
    • Separation
    • Divorce
    • Death or disability of a spouse
    • Long-term family income that is below the poverty level
    • Loss of public assistance
  • Single Parent or Single Pregnant Woman:  Individuals who are unmarried or separated from a spouse, and have a minor child(ren) for which the parent has either sole custody or joint custody; or is pregnant and unmarried.

Breaking Traditions' grants must be reapplied for each semester.


Breaking Traditions Contact Information

Michele Charlebois-Didreckson
Career Education Coordinator:  Region VI
417-447-8127 (fax)


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