Respiratory Therapy

2016 OTC Respiratory Care Seminar

The next OTC Respiratory Care Seminar for practicing respiratory therapists will be held on Friday, March 4th, 2016. Full agenda and signup will be available in January.

Respiratory Therapy

Application deadline - February 15

The OTC Respiratory Therapy program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). The OTC Respiratory Therapy program has also been a multi-recipient of the "Distinguished RRT Credentialing Success Award" from CoARC. The primary criteria for this award requires an accredited program to achieve 90% or higher RRT credentialing success, for the most recent three-year graduate cohorts, and to have met attrition and job placement thresholds. **We are the only Associate level program in the United States to receive this award four separate times. Respiratory therapists evaluate, treat and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. The respiratory therapist also treats a variety of patient types, including premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed, children with asthma, elderly people whose lungs are diseased, and victims of a heart attack. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment outlook for Respiratory Therapists is expected to increase faster than average for all occupations.

The OTC Respiratory Therapy program will prepare the students to:

  • provide mechanical ventilation
  • understand critical care diagnostics
  • understand respiratory pharmacology
  • practice clinical application of knowledge
  • provide care for critically ill patients
Questions that cannot be answered via the provided links should be emailed to or contact the Allied Health office in Lincoln Hall, room 210, on the OTC campus, (417) 447-8803, 447-8954 and 447-8804.

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Student research is also an important part of our program. We are one of only a handful of programs performing clinical research at the community college level. In the past five years we have had 18 abstracts published in Respiratory Care, the official journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care.

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