Bridge to Success

Bridge to Success

What is Bridge to Success?

The goal of the Bridge to Success program is to ensure students become academically prepared for the courses they need to take and to provide added support for success.

First-time, readmit and early start OTC students, whose placement test scores are below the required level in two or more subject areas, participate in the Bridge to Success program.  Developmental courses (Math, Reading and English below 100 level) help students bridge the gap between their current skills and the skills they need to be successful in their college program.

The criteria for placement in Bridge to Success is having two subject areas:

English:  below 70 on Compass; below 18 on ACT
Reading:  below 81 on Compass; below 18 on ACT
Math:  any score in Pre-Algebra/Numerical or below 43 on the Basic Algebra Compass; below 20 on ACT

For more information, please contact Bridge to Success Academic Advisors.

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