Philosophy of General Education

Ozarks Technical Community College's general education philosophy reflects the belief in a core of learning experiences common to first- and second-year college students. The core curriculum provides an established body of knowledge that allows students to become productive, contributing, informed members of society.

The College is responsible for helping students gain an understanding of themselves, their global community, and the physical universe. The College provides an environment where students can learn effective communication and critical thinking skills while developing the foundation necessary to become life-long learners.

The College's mission recognizes its obligation to provide learning experiences that are specialized in order to meet the needs of the community. The career and technical programs are complemented by the established body of knowledge in the core curriculum necessary in the workplace, the community, and in life.

Student Learning Outcomes

The following reports contain the assessment results for the assessment of student learning within the institution, division, program/department, and course levels. They also contain faculty-proposed action plans for course level.

Assessment Report for Student Learning Outcomes 2010--2011

Assessment Report for Student Learning Outcomes 2009--2010

Assessment Report for Student Learning Outcomes 2008--2009

Institutional Assessment Plan

The Institutional Assessment Plan articulates how assessment activities support the mission statement beginning at the course or service level and flow upward as each lower level supports the next level and provides evidence to be used for rational decision making and resource allocation.  The assessment plan outlined in this document is designed to provide the feedback necessary to determine if we, as an institution, are achieving our mission through the courses, programs, and services we offer.

Insitutional Assessment Plan 2011

Institutional Assessment Plan 2010

Institutional Assessment Report

In order to document the results and value of assessment for all Ozarks Technical Community College constituencies, an annual Institutional Assessment Report is prepared by the Office of Academic Services and the Office of Research and Strategic Planning.  This report (1) analyzes the results from all the College assessment activities, (2) identifies institutional strengths and challeges, (3) summarizes the changes and/or improvements that were implemented as a result of previous assessment activities, and (4) presents those changes and/or improvements that will be implemented in the upcoming academic year. 

Institutional Assessment Report 2011

Institutional Assessment Report 2010