Adult Education Transition Program

Adult Education Transition Program

Improve your English and math skills at no cost through OTC's Adult Education Transition Program. Through this program, you have the chance to strengthen your academic skills by targeting courses specific to your needs. This no cost opportunity increases your chance of success and allows you to complete your certificate or degree with fewer developmental courses.

Why me?

Many students starting college may need to review skills they have forgotten. Others may have learning gaps in subjects they found difficult or missed in school. The Adult Education Transition Program helps you be better prepared for success.

How long will the Adult Education classes take?

One of the best things about the Adult Education Transition Program is that it is individualized. That means you will only study the things you need to learn. Students' skills are reviewed after 50 hours of attendance.

Where are the Adult Education classes located?

  • OTC Springfield Campus, Graff Hall, Room 221
  • OTC Richwood Valley Campus, Room 126
  • OTC Table Rock Campus, Room 107
  • Lebanon Adult Education Program
  • Waynesville Adult Education Program

When can I take the COMPASS tests again?

Your skills will be measured in the Adult Education Transition Program. Once your skills show enough improvement, you will be allowed to retest on the COMPASS placement tests. If your placement tests confirm your readiness, you will begin the process to take the classes you need. For additional information, call (417) 447-8860 or e-mail questions to