Assessment Fast Facts

Assessment Matters

OTC is committed to ensuring our students are provided with the highest quality of education and services. We measure these standards through assessment initiatives within the classroom and in our service areas. To further our goals and strengthen assessment, we joined the HLC Assessment Academy in 2011 following the HLC Accreditation visit in February 2011. Below outlines some of the progress we've made.

LENS Project

This four-year project is in its third year. During that time, the LENS team has examined current processes, initiated new processes, and reviewed ways to improve the culture of assessment at OTC.

One of the highlights of this project is the introduction of the LENS Mini-Grants. Each year, departments across the institution can apply for a mini-grant to fund a unique assessment initiative for their area. With the idea that we don't know until we try, these applicants have seen successes and failures through their projects, both of which strengthen assessment and student learning.