Restorative Expanded Functions (hybrid course)

CEH-585: Restorative Expanded Functions (Hybrid course)

The Expanded Function Dental Assisting (EFDA) hybrid courses offered through Ozarks Technical Community College are offered in an online, e-learning format in conjunction with a hands-on clinical course. In the clinical course, students must demonstrate proficiencies in expanded functions skills in order to receive certification.

It is necessary for students to have a moderate level of computer literacy to enroll in any online course, and if you can browse the Internet, this hybrid course may be a great fit for you!

The EFDA courses are designed to teach concepts and theories related to these functions (through the online portion) and to ensure skills competency (through the hands-on clinical portion) to certify that assistants are capable of performing expanded functions with an appropriate standard of care.

Online modules include:
1. A separate Module for each of the expanded functions in the course 
2. PowerPoint slides, comprised of text, photos, illustrations and instructional videos.
3. Accompanying online practice quiz for each Module
4. Outline and Skills Standards (.pdf) of the online instruction

Clinical sessions include
1. Prerequisite exam
2. Overview of instruments and materials 
3. Step-by-step instruction of each function with coaching from instructors
4. Skills assessment developed for each expanded function

Registration Process
1. Students will select an available EFDA clinical course date for the expanded functions they desire to attain.
2. Complete the registration form and pay the course fee ($395).
3. Ozarks Technical Community College staff will send individual student login information via email.
4. Students may begin their online course review in preparation for the hands-on clinical course anytime after the course opens.

Online Portion
1. All online courses open six weeks prior to the clinical course start date.
2. While six weeks should accommodate study needs, some students may require less time for their individual preparation.
3. As with traditional format of a textbook for study and examination preparation, students must review the materials in the Modules accordingly and then determine, independently, readiness for the clinical course (and continue study if needed).

Clinical Portion
1. After completion of the online portion, the next step is to attend a scheduled clinical session.
2. During the clinical session, students will be required to take the required written Anatomy & Morphology Exam.
3. Upon successfully passing the exam, students will begin learning the clinical skills associated with the expanded functions course. 
4. During the hands-on session, students must demonstrate proficiency in expanded function procedures to be awarded a certificate of course completion which enables delegation of expanded function procedures under direct supervision.

Course duration: 6 weeks

Course Fee: $395

For more information about this program, please contact Janet Sell, Dental Assisting Program Director, at 417-447-8832 or Click here to access the Allied Health CEH 585 web page.

To register for the program, please contact the Community Enrichment Center at 417-447-8888 or